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Last modified: Thu Jan 31 20:04:56 CET 2002

Time and Date

The Time and Date Setting Menu lets you adjust the clocks in the camera.

Both Clocks of the camera

The Mobotix Camera M1 features two independent clocks:

System Clock The system clock is running inside the Linux system. It is used to display the time when the system is running (e.g. inside the images). It should be set to display local time considering daylight saving time. The system clock time is lost if the camera has a power failure or performs a reboot.
Real Time Clock (RTC) The Real Time Clock is a battery buffered chip on the camera board. This clock continues working even when the camera is switched off. Independent of any time zone, daylight saving time, etc. the RTC is running on Universal Time Coordinated (UTC, formerly Greenwich Mean Time). The system clock is adjusted on a timely manner using the higher precision RTC.
The RTC has a message string shown in the menu Set Time and Date displaying the battery state. Usually it shows "Battery ok". If after boot (but before adjusting time) it shows "Battery was low" the buffering battery of the RTC had a power failure and the RTC might be wrong. Keep the camera empowered for a while to recharge the on-board battery.

Note: In the current software version only the Central European Time (CET) is supported.

Adjusting the time

The Setting Time and Date menu offers four ways to adjust the time of the camera:

  1. Use "Set by Real Time Clock" to adjust the System Clock by the more precise Real Time Clock.
  2. Use "Set by Local Computer" to set time and date from your local computer using JavaScript. This option is only offered if JavaScript is enabled.
  3. Use "Set by Timeserver" to set the time and date from a timeserver. Ensure that the timeserver is reachable from your network. (See Network Configuration)
  4. Use "Set Manually" to set time and date manually using the provided values.

Real Time Clock sets only the system clock. All other selections set both RTC and system clock. The conversion to GMT is done automatically.

Manual Setting of Time and Date

To set the time and date manually, correct the entries for date and time in the entry fields and set the time by selecting Set Manually. Set the time to your local time and use a 24-hour format. The date must be given in the ISO format using only numbers.

Using a Timeserver

You can adjust the time and the date of the camera using a remote Timeserver. A timeserver is a computer that accepts queries for the current time and date and must be accessible for the camera. The server must support the protocol defined by RFC868.

Insert the time server's IP address and press "Set by Timeserver". If the connection is possible, both clocks are set to the time and the date of the remote timeserver. Check the result to ensure that the timeserver is running is using the right protocol.

Setting Time from Local Host

If JavaScript is enabled in your browser you can set the time by pressing "Set by Local Computer". It is assumed that your local computer is running local time.

As an additional information the current time and date of your local computer is displayed in the bottom right corner of the menu.

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