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Last modified: Thu Jan 31 20:26:27 CET 2002

Defining Soft buttons Yourself

A new feature of MOBOTIX M1 since Release 1.8 allows the definition of customized buttons beside the menus Live Menu, the Event Player, and the Multi View Menu.

The buttons are linked to predefined functions to control the camera, following links etc.

The soft buttons are defined by the administrator on Soft buttons Menu. The menu is still in an early version, so some input has to be done by typing in arguments.

The following table will give you a short explanation for using this menu:

Position Integer Numbers describe the position of the button in the menu from top to the bottom. If the number is negative the order is reversed. Zero is not allowed. Every entry must have an unique number.
Name An unique (and short) name for the button to label it.
Color A selection of colors to define the shape of the button.
Function The function that will be executed when the button is pressed.
Parameter Some functions need parameters that are displayed when selecting a function. You may want to edit the values next to the equal sign. Parameters are separated by blanks.
Options Deselecting Active will keep the definition inside the menu but will not display the button in the menus.
Selecting Delete will mark the entry for deletion.

You can load a set of predefined soft buttons by selecting Load Default Buttons in the Soft buttons Menu.


All soft buttons defined before will be overwritten.

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