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The MOBOTIX M1 Camera has an serial RS232 which can be used as Terminal for other devices and as I/O-Ports. The program rs232-Terminal is an small terminal emulation. With rs232-Signal-Monitor you can view the Status of all Pins and set the output pins high or low. rs232-configure is the configuration- page for the interface parameter.


The parameter Baud, Bits, Parity, Stopbits and Handshake are devicedependend and are usual described in the manual of the device. With the parameter mode you can select the (start) mode of the Interface. TerminalAndLoggerMode means the Camera listen to the interface and store it into an internal Buffer of the size given by Buffer. You can view the Buffer with rs232-terminal or by using rcontrol. In IO-Mode the Camera uses the Pins only as I/O-Ports. Auto-mode let the Camera switch between the both other modes. But if you have some data in the Buffer and tell the Camera to switch from TerminalAndLoggerMode to IO-Mode, the Buffer will be deleted!

(Local) Echo describes if the Camera should wrote the output also in the Buffer. Modems for example repeats there input. So you will see your commands twice. Other devices don't repeats, so you will not seen your command (in the rs232-Terminal) if you don't set Echo to on. With End of Line you can select what should be append to the line after you pressed submit. By the way, you also can send characters to the Interface you normally can't send. Only type %0A for ASCII value 10, which is Line Feed. With addtime=on the camera will write the time and date in the Buffer, in the beginning of each line.


On the Left you can see Buttons to go up and down in the Buffer. The middle shows an part of the buffer. If more Data is in the Buffer as can displayed you will see an diagram that shows which part is displayed in the middle. The Field below is for entering and submit something to the connected device. The Update-Button will update the screen. One can instruct the browser to update the screen automaticly by selecting an time of the selectbox Updatetime. In the selectbox Update one can choose the mode of update. html loads the complete page. direct only update the buffer, but will not work on all browsers. fulltext shows the whole buffer.


It's pretty simple, it's an table which shows you the name of the Pin and there status. On output-pins there is the option to change. Update and Updatetime is the same one can see in the terminal emulation.

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