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Last modified: Thu Jan 31 20:04:24 CET 2002

E-mail Profiles

Images via e-mail

The MOBOTIX Camera allows images to be send by e-mail. The images are appended to a short text e-mail body. The sending can be nudged by periodical Time Tasks or by events defined in Event Control

Defining Profiles

In order for an image to be sent successfully by e-mail, several settings are needed. They are summarized in E-mail profiles. You can define up to two e-mail profiles.

Each profile is described in E-mail profiles by:

Profile Profile must be an unique symbolic name reference to identify the profile. It is used in Time Tasks to refer to the profile (required).
Receiver Address The Receiver Address is the full qualified e-mail address of the recipient of the e-mail.
From Address Is the e-mail address that will appear as the senders address. Usually it is your own e-mail address. Note that the camera does not accept incoming e-mails.
Reply Address The Reply Address is the e-mail address the e-mail will be sent to if any problem occurs on its way to the recipient. It is also used by e-mail programs to decide where to send an answer. Usually you should provide your valid e-mail address to receive error reports.
E-mail Host (SMTP Host) The E-mail Host (using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) that will accept the e-mail send by the camera and is willing to transfer it. Ask your network administrator or your ISP for this information.

Ensure that

  • DNS settings are correct, so a symbolic name of the e-mail host can be resolved.
  • The network settings, especially gateway are correct, so the e-mail host can be reached.
  • Any firewall in your network allows SMTP traffic from your camera to the SMTP host.

Subject You can insert some text in the Subject field that will appear in the first part of the subject line of the e-mail.

If the profile was accepted, the remove switch marks this profile for deletion.

Saving Profiles

By pressing Check and Save profiles are checked and saved. If an error occurs an alert message be displayed. The profiles will not be saved until the faulty entry is corrected.

After saving the profiles you can use them to define Time Tasks and actions in Event Control.
Note that the e-mail profiles are not activated until the camera is rebooted.

Storing Profiles

To activate and store the profiles you need to use Store Configuration (see also Configuration).

Activating Profiles

To activate the profiles, time tasks etc., you have to reboot the camera.

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