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Last modified: Thu Jan 31 20:04:03 CET 2002

LEDs and Signals

The MOBOTIX M1 Camera has six LEDs on its front side to display different system states. Using the page LEDs Setup you can turn them off or change their meaning.

right side of camera left side of camera

LED Signals

Each LED can be assigned to a signal function. The signals are:

Signal Meaning
off The LED is always dark, it will not be turned on while the camera is running in its regular mode. (Note it will be turned on if the camera reboots.)
on The LED is always highlighted.
blink The LED is blinking slowly.
flicker LED is blinking fast.
Event The LED is turned off, but any application may use it to signal its state (e.g. Event Control).
PIR The LED will signal any motion detected by the Passive InfraRed (PIR) motion detector in the middle of the camera. The sensitivity can be changed in this menu too (currently not supported).
Ethernet The LED signals any data traffic on the Ethernet interface.
ISDN The LED signals any traffic on the ISDN bus. It also signals incoming calls on the bus nevertheless they are not accepted by the camera.
Serial The LED signals any outgoing or incoming data on the serial line.
Camera On LED 1 and 5 the image exposure time for the right and left camera can be signaled.
System System state can be assigned to all LEDs at once. The result will be different factory states for every LED.
Left Key The LED will be highlighted whenever the left key (view direction of the camera) is pressed.
Right Key The LED will be highlighted whenever the right key (view direction of the camera) is pressed.
Signal Input The LED will be highlighted if the signal input (DSub Connector, Pin 9) is short-circuited with GND (Pin 5).
Signal Output The LED will highlight (for control) if the signal output is switched low (DSub Connector, Pin 1).
Microphone The LED will be highlighted if a given level of noise is reached. The threshold can be set in this menu, too.
IR Remote Control The LED will be highlighted if an InfraRed Signal of a remote control box is being detected.

The LEDs can be set one by one or all at once by the selection all LEDs.

Control Levels

For the PIR (Passive InfraRed Motion Detector) and the microphone the threshold can be defined in the range from 0 to 100%.

Serial Setting

Within the menu LEDs and Signals you can control the Serial Output Switch (DSub-Connector). Selecting "on" will close a current protected switch between Pin1 (24V/50mA max.) and Pin5 (GND) and open it otherwise.

You can test the setting of the serial output by setting some LEDs to Signal Output.

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