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Last modified: Thu May 16 18:45:58 2002

General Image Settings

Within General Image Settings basic setting for the camera is done. Depending on the model of your MOBOTIX camera you might have one selection for each eye.

The settings will be activated after pressing . Using Load Factory Defaults will load the mask with recommended values. Use to accept them. Reset Form will reset the mask to former values.

If you have changed any values and submitted it by pressing Save to Config-File a line Store those parameters... will appear. Follow Store to store the complete camera configuration into flash memory for reusing it after reboot.

Attribute Explanation
Camera Select Here you can select what eye of the camera should be used, or in which way both eyes are used in one image.
will use the right eye (default)
will use the left eye (usually tele lense)
will make a double-width image setting image of left eye to left and image of right eye to right
will put a small image of one eye at one corner of of the large image of the other eye. Currently a small image of the right eye will appear in the lower right corner of the large image of the left eye.
Image Size Different sizes for images can be selected here. Double image will have the double width.
Frames per Second Number of image frames per second that will be taken by the camera. If for dark scenes the exposure time is too long, the frequency will be decreased too.
Sharpness While image processing the images will be sharped to improve quality. The default value is 4. A lower value will give more smooth images. By a higher value images will be sharped more. Don't set this value to high, because in some scenes a strong sharping will bring some ugly results like highlighted borders etc.
Mirroring Image The image (but not the writing inside) can be mirrored vertical, horizontal, or both.
Rotate The image (but not the writing inside) can be rotated to 180 degrees.
Darken Image If the scene is very dark, the image taken by any image sensor is disturbed more and more by physically based effects (so called noise). In that case you see colored pixels in the black image . For some applications, e.g. a landscape on a WEB page, the noised images are unwanted.
The Darken Image setting allows you to switch from such a noised image to a total black image, if the illumination value falls below the given value.
The illumination value is calculated by the camera for each image and is running from 0 (total darkness) to 100 (very light day).
Dark Noise Suppress To suppress noise on darker images this option gives you a more tricky way to handle. Depending on the value of illumination (see Darken Image) some image parameters like color and sharpness are reduced. The strength of this effect is controlled by the second parameter (off, medium, high). The result for darker scenes is, that images become less colored and less sharped. In deed this is a realistic impression, because human beings do not see colors in the night.
Cover-Up Image Area Sometimes some areas of the image should be hidden. Maybe a working person in the view must not be observed. Therefore some models of Mobotix cameras can setup a Cover-Up Image Area. It can be set off, on or by time.
If set by time, the following duration is daily used.
The cover-up areas are rectangles and described as:
with eye=0 for right eye, eye=1 for left eye, x and y lower left corner and w as width and h as height.

Note: All variables are case-sensitive.

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