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Basic Concept of Configuration

The MOBOTIX M1 camera can be widely configured by setting many parameters. The complete configuration can be found in a simple text file called Configuration File. Related settings are grouped in sections.

The configuration is stored in flash memory. It is copied into the main memory of the camera on startup (current configuration). Any modification of the configuration will be done on this copy of the configuration file. In order to apply changes for subsequent boots the modified configuration has to be stored back into the flash memory.

Some changes in the settings (e.g. for network, ISDN, e-mail) are only accepted at boot time. In order for the changes to take effect after storing, you need to reboot the camera. Settings changed in Image Control, Event Control, or Exposure Control will apply immediately without rebooting.

Modifying the Configuration

Common ways to modify your configuration are to use the Quick Installer, Image Control, Event Control, ExposureControl, and the sub menus of the Admin Page.

The settings will be accepted by pressing the submit button on the configuration above web pages. You may want to store the changes into the flash memory to keep them persistent.

Handling the Configuration File

To handle the Configuration File the Admin Page offers different options:

Show Current Configuration This page will show you the current configuration in the main memory. There is also a raw version available.
Store Configuration This page will allow you to store the current configuration into flash memory. Open this page in order to keep your current setting after a reboot.
Restore last Configuration On this page you can restore the last settings stored into flash memory
Reset to Factory Defaults On this page the default factory configuration of the camera can be loaded into main memory as the current configuration. To establish the configuration, you need to store the configuration and reboot the camera.
Save Current Configuration to local Computer Following this link, the configuration file can be saved on your local PC as a backup.
Load Configuration from File Load the backup configuration from your local PC into the camera as the current configuration. To establish the configuration you need to store the configuration and reboot the camera.
Edit Configuration File (experts only!) This page contains an editor for the configuration file to change the content directly. This function should only be used by experts. Any invalid settings may cause the camera to boot unsuccessfully. By submitting the changes the edited configuration will become the current configuration. To establish the changes, you need to store the configuration and reboot the camera.

Preserve Parts of the Configuration File

Loading the configuration from flash memory or resetting it back to factory defaults usually replaces your complete configuration. Uploading the configuration from a file merges the configuration sections contained in the file into your current configuration.

You might want to exclude parts of your configuration (e.g. the user and password settings) from being overwritten. To do so select exclude parts and then check the configuration groups that you want to retain.

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