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Last modified: Fri Feb 1 11:29:47 CET 2002

Browser Cache

General information

Browsers store copies of recently accessed web pages in memory. By doing so, the computer doesn't have to retrieve the page from the network each time when you view it and thus the access time is minimized.

To keep the files in cache up to date, the browser has to verify the content of the from time to time. The user can configure how frequently the browser checks the network for new page revisions. This configuration option allows enabling and disabling the cache (switches caching "on" or "off").
For certain software operations of the camera (e.g. software upload) however it is recommended to switch off caching.

Netscape Navigator

From the Edit menu, choose "Preferences". Open the "Advanced" category; then click "Cache".

Select Never ("on") to enable caching, choose Every time ("off") to disable the cache.

Netscape Preferences Dialog

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer open the menu "Tools", click "Internet Options". On the "General" tab, click "Settings".

Select Never ("on") to enable caching, choose Automatically ("off") to disable the cache.

IE Internet Options

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