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Last modified: Fri Feb 1 11:26:40 CET 2002

Access to WEB pages

Restricting the access to certain features of the MOBOTIX M1 camera is implemented using a login/password scheme. Three levels of access control can be assigned to up to three different user accounts with Users and Passwords.

Possible access levels:

admin Admin users have all rights to configure the camera. They can install and modify user accounts and store the configuration into non volatile memory. It is strongly recommended to change the default password for the admin area. There must be at least one password protected admin user.
userUsers have the right to enter the event control area. There is no need to protect this account by password.
guest Guests are only allowed to see the first level pages and download images. The guest area doesn't need a password. If no guest users are defined, access to this area is granted to everyone.

Any account includes privileges to access pages of the subsequent level in the table above.

Write down the administrator login name and the password. There is no hidden feature to circumvent the password check. Therefore, loosing your password means you will no longer be able to access your camera. Recovering the encrypted password information from a stored configuration file is not possible.

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